COPY-BINARY Signal copy service (

How to register on our project

1. Register with a broker (

2.Open an account in $  and make a deposit minimum amount 100$

3.Create with a broker Api token with rights read и trade(we will use the created token when registering on our website).


4. After we return to our website and go through the registration procedure.

How to connect the Masters

In your account, in the tab "subscriptions»are all the masters.

To connect the master- click on the slider, select a bet and click update.

The master is highlighted in bright green - this means that you have subscribed to its signals.

How to become a Master

To become a Master in our project, you need to submit a request Request status Master »

After you will need to provide trade statistics for the last month.


Payment of the commission is made from 1st to 4th day of each month.

On the first day of every month you receive an invoice (see the tab “My invoices for payment”), the invoice is also automatically sent to your mailbox.

You need to pay the commission until the 4th day inclusive, in case of non-payment - blocking the account on the site.

In the tab of my payment invoice you will see the D account number, click on the account number and you will be redirected to select a payment system to pay the commission.

Topping up a balance does not mean paying a commission.

If during invoicing - you have a balance in the project and it is enough to pay the bill, then the funds will be debited automatically.


The withdrawal of funds is carried out in manual mode and takes up to 24 hours.